Chisel plows

Chisel plows

Chisel plows

Chisel plowsChisel plowsChisel plowsChisel plows


Recognition and application

Chisel plows are used to penetrate the soil and break down the hard soil layers created by the tractor’s movement on the ground

Maintaining plant remains on the surface of the soil to prevent the erosion and surface evaporation of the moisture

Chisel plow features

Chassis made of heavy European box sections in the dimensions of 8*100*100 mm

Adjustable and replaceable shanks

Nails are made of anti-abrasive steel produced under special heat operation

Safety by shearing pin

Adjustable working width

Roller trunks are forged and made of steel alloy

Clod breaking and leveling roller, with roller weight increment

All the support components and parts of the machine are permanently

supplied and have the facilities of Mechanization Development Center

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Chisel plows

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