farm turbine sprayer

Farm Turbine Sprayer

farm turbine sprayer

سمپاش سوار شونده توربین دار زراعی سمپاش سوار شونده توربین دار زراعی


Recognition and application

farm turbine sprayer is used for combating all kinds of pests in high trees farm and spraying in large scale for combating pests like Sun pest and grasshopper…


Uniformity of spraying operations due to the diameter uniformity of poison particles and elimination of human error in spraying

Reduction in poison consumption by 50% compared to lancet sprayers and non-dripping of the poison on the ground

Environmental protection

Reduction in spray cost by eliminating labor force

Increase the speed of spray operations up to 7 times (a good alternative for plane spray)

Spray features

3-piece Polyethylene tank including

Main tank

Handwashing tank

Spray circuit washing tank

Equipped with pressure filter to prevent nozzles from clogging

Equipped with suction tank filler (no connection between poison tank and water tanks)

Equipped with a two speed gearbox to increase the efficiency of spray when working with different tractors in order to consume fuel optimally

Equipped with anti-drip nozzles

Equipped with hydraulic mixer for uniformity of poison solution during spraying

Equipped with special clutch system for transferring power increases from minimum to maximum to prevent damages to the pump and gearbox

Ability to change the turbine angle hydraulically

Types of spray

Mounted (three point connection)

Trailed (one point connection)

All the support components and parts of the machine are permanently supplied and have the facilities of Mechanization Development Center

سمپاش سوار شونده توربین دار زراعی


سمپاش سوار شونده توربین دار زراعی



سمپاش سوار شونده توربین دار زراعی

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