Agricultural turbo sprayer 1000 L fan 500




Introduction and application

– Agricultural turbo sprayers are used for spraying farms, greenhouses, and tall trees such as walnut. These sprayers are manufactured in 800 and 1000 liter capacities which are mounted on the back of tractors, and 2000 liter capacity which is used as a pull-behind sprayer.  Also, these sprayers are manufactured with centrifugal (turbo) fans in two diameters of 450 and 500 millimeters with spraying distances of 40 and 50 meters, respectively.

– Agricultural turbo sprayers have brass nozzles with a ceramic orifice and a spraying distance of 8 meters, with a great capacity of powdering the poison solution. Also, these sprayers have centrifugal fans that produce a high and concentrated volume of air; this characteristic has caused these sprayers to provide long-distance of spraying, in addition to complete surface coverage of the crops, thus is very suitable for spraying farther distances.

– In comparison to manually spraying with a lance, spraying with these sprayers significantly reduces poison usage and increases the spraying speed.

Sprayer characteristics 

– Centrifuge fan with propeller diameters of 450 and 500 millimeters and two air suction entries

– Equipped with three hydraulic rotators for adjusting the spraying direction

– Rotary swivel joint up to 180 degrees via a hydro motor

– Adjustable head from 0 to 90 degrees via a hydraulic jack

– Rotation of the entire system up to 60 degrees from a vertical position via a lateral hydraulic jack

– Spraying distance of 40 and 50 meters with 450 and 500 fans, respectively

– Complete coverage of the cultivation area from the sprayer to the mentioned spraying distance by the appropriate arrangement of the nozzles on the sprayer

– Equipped with a diaphragm pump, product of the Italian Bertolini company

– Equipped with a two-speed, auxiliary transmission

– Equipped with a strengthened polyethylene tank with the highest level of discharge due to the 15-20 degree slope of the tank bottom

– Hand-washing reservoir

– System-washing reservoir

– Water-level indicator of the poison tank

– Release valve of the poison tank

– Hydraulic mixer inside the poison tank

– Gravel filter

– Suction filter with a valve for protecting the pump and preventing tank drainage when cleaning the filter

– Brass, double-ended, and anti-drip nozzles with adjustable spraying angle and quick spray shut-off ability

– Uniform and powder spraying by the nozzles to an 8-meter distance

– Separate hose assembly for each nozzle for uniform spraying by the nozzles

– Lance with a 10-meter spraying distance for manual spraying

– Hose-winding reel with an automatic locking mechanism

– Equipped with a frontal guard for protecting the fan

– Adjustable stands of the hydraulic valve and the pressure regulating valve for access of the tractor driver to the valves

– Standard designing of the mounted and pull-behind frames for attachment to the tractor

– Frame pins with an automatic locking mechanism for safe attachment of the frame to the tractor in the mounted models

– Frame with a location for hooking up the hose extender, lance, and hose-winding reel

– Sturdy and durable pull-behind frames with a wheeled jack in the front part of the frame for facilitated movement of the sprayer

– Pull-behind frames equipped with leaf springs with the ability to adjust the height above ground level (placement of the frame at two different heights above ground level)

– Pull-behind frames equipped with a two-point attachment mechanism for better handling of the sprayer behind the tractor, and placement of the universal joint at an optimal angle for improving its efficiency and increasing its longevity

– Rubber, flexible tubes that are protected against friction, abrasion, crushing, and twisting

– Preforming the process of sandblasting on the components to achieve better surface smoothness, removal of corrosion from the surface, and better colorability of the components

– Components colored with an anti-rust and anti-corrosion stove paint

Additional information

At least 96 pumps, Bertoluni pps100 Italy, Comet 145 Italian pump, Italy's Kemt 121 pump

Weight (kg)


Width (System dimensions )


Length (System dimensions )


Height (System dimensions )


Spraying distance Vertical (m)


Spraying distance Horizontal (m)


Number of gearbox rotations


Number of nozzles


Fan diameter (mm


Tractor power (hp)



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