Wheelbarrow sprayer

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Wheelbarrow sprayer

Wheelbarrow sprayer suitable for spraying and foliar spraying in orchards, dense orchards

Greenhouses, livestock and poultry units with the ability to move and attack and transport easily

  • Equipped with 100 liter tank
  • 50 yards of hose
  • A lance branch
  • Collect hose pulley
  • Honda GX200 design engine
  • Piston pump 45 China

Golpa Sanat Iranian

Golpa Sanat Iranian Company, a manufacturer of garden and field turbine sprayers, mechanical and hydraulic wing sprayers, zebra and ferrule sprayers with an expert view, offers suitable and specialized sprayers, spare parts and applications according to their unique characteristics. Individualized agriculture in different areas and using experienced specialists and familiar with the latest industrial products, and a supplier of spare parts for sprayers and standard parts to provide the best options to farmers and applicants. Golpa Sanat Iranian Company is the supplier of the best sprayers for mountainous areas, which is one of the leading brands of high quality and has taken an important step towards meeting the needs of farmers and producers. You can now contact us through the contact numbers on the site and register your order.

Additional information

Piston 45 China pump



Dubai pumps

35 lit/min

pump preesure

40 bar

Hose length

45/7 m

Hose size

8/5 mm

maximum horizontal spraying

14 m

maximum vertical spraying

12 m

Weight (kg)