about us

Golpa Sanat Iranian Company, with more than three decades of activity in the production of agricultural parts, tools and machinery in accordance with modern standards and by using the best raw materials, technology and scientific knowledge of the day, industrial experiences as well as specialized and hard-working staff, tries to provide the best products to You have had dear and respected farmers and colleagues.

Golpa Sanat has always been trying to produce higher quality and more up-to-date products so that it can take a step towards the pride and progress of our country, as well as the welfare and comfort of its farmers and customers.

Golpa Sanat Co. has a test and standard confirmation from Karaj Test Center and is ready to provide after-sales service and invoice issuance for bank facilities.

In this regard, for your full knowledge, dear owners, with the variety of the company’s products and easy access to purchase, the specialized channel of Golpa Sanat Iranian has been launched. Also, dear friends, you can help us to build and produce better and better products through the telephone channels available on the site, by phone, email or virtual networks, and share your criticisms and suggestions with us.