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Honda GX160 engine

Honda single cylinder engine is one of the most used engines. For various industrial and agricultural devices. These devices include propeller trowel, vibrator motor, plate compactor, water pump motor. And mentioned such cases. Honda 5.5 hp single gasoline engine model GX160 is one of the best and highest quality engines on the market. Which is located in ten four-stroke engines with 5.5 hp and 163 cc engine volume.
The maximum engine speed is 3600 rpm and is equipped with a manual start system and carburetor adjustment.
The light weight of this engine is one of its advantages. Easily removable.
The tank volume of this engine is 4.6 liters and the oil tank capacity is 550 cc.
This engine is equipped with a cooling air cooling system.
Honda 5.5 hp GX160 single gasoline engine is equipped with an oil sensor and turns off the engine if the oil is reduced, and the engine will not start until the required amount of engine oil is added.
The starter of the Chinese Honda single-cylinder engine (or the so-called Honda design) is a handle type, which has two tanks, one for fuel and the other for engine oil.
Its gas tank capacity is 3.1 liters. The oil that can be used for the Honda GX160 engine is a grade 40 oil.


Must be replaced periodically.

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