Pump 330 Italy

Pump 330 Italy is a product of Bertolini Set, Bertolini is one of the famous in the history of mechanization in the world. Bertolini Company is a modern company with the aim of designing and developing diaphragm and piston pumps for various applications.

Today, Bertolini pumps are one of the most durable pumps used in tractor back sprayers. Due to high sales in our country, this type of pump has spare parts, repair and maintenance available, and many friends have dealt with this type of pump and are familiar with it.


The 330 pump has three pistons and three diaphragm chambers. Self-propelled shaft, which mediates its shaft rotation, which is connected to the tractor’s PTO by the steering wheel, causing the piston and diaphragm to move. It is designed and made with packings that are very resistant to poison and do not lose their elasticity.

Also, the body of the pump has a large diameter, which prevents damage to the shell.

This type of pump rotates the output fluid to a pressure of 40 bar at a rate of 550 rpm. To adjust the pressure, it is necessary to install a pressure relief valve after the pump outlet. Adjust the outlet pressure with the pressure adjusting screw or lever, or disconnect and reconnect the outlet clutch lever.

One of the advantages of a separate pressure breaker is that it can be moved inside the tractor. From inside the tractor, he controlled the pressure for spraying, cutting and connecting the sprayer process.

Italy’s pump 330 uses oil 30, it can be checked through the oil glass next to the pump so that the oil level always remains normal.

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