Pump 81 turk

Pump 81 turk There are different types of pumps in our country. Chinese pumps, Turkish pumps, Italian pumps with different load pressures and suitable discharges to the sprayers, pumps can be diaphragm or piston. They are usually diaphragm pumps. Pump 81 cracks with a pressure of 50 bar and a poison output of 96 liters per minute, which is widely used in the sprayer industry behind the tractor, is the product of Yaghbasan Company.

Yaghbasan Company

Yaghbasan is one of the leading and reputable companies in the production of pumps, regulators, filters and accessories.

Pumps are usually made up of different parts, which we will discuss below.


Pump 81 crack Yaghbasan is a diaphragm pump. It has three diaphragm chambers that move the piston and the diaphragm through their shaft rotation, which is connected to the PTO tractor by its steering wheel. One of the advantages of these pumps is that they have a separate pressure breaker. It can be transferred into the tractor and the pressure inside the tractor can be controlled to spray, cut and connect the sprayer process.

  1. Pump bases
  2. Suction hose headLion
  3. Valve head
  4. Pump shell
  5. Full oil jar
  6. Glass oil
  7. cylinder head
  8. Safety valve
  9. Wind pressure chamber

Golpa Sanat Iranian:

Golpa Sanat Iranian with the brand brand Sharona, using the best experts and specialists, is the supplier of the best sprayer behind the tractor from the reputable brands in this field. All products offered by this company have high quality, strength and durability. Purchase of Golpa Sanat Iranian products by face-to-face and non-face-to-face methods is done in the fastest possible time and is delivered to the customer in all parts of the country.

Additional information

15 bar

96 لیتر بر دقیقه





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