Regulator three categories crack yr model 33


Regulator three categories crack yr model 33

Regulator three categories crack yr model 33 is one of the most important parts of the back of the tractor, it has a direct impact on the quality of the spray. A pressure breaker is used to use the sprayer pump and adjust the pressure and outlet flow. Regulators are usually made to fit each pump and are manufactured and sold with the pump. One of the advantages of a separate pressure breaker is that it can be moved inside the tractor. From inside the tractor, he controlled the pressure for spraying, cutting and connecting the sprayer process. Today, in our country, the products of Yaghbasan Company from Turkey have many applications. The regulator valve of three categories of cracks, produced by Yaghbasan company with 40 times pressure and poison output (flow) of 80 liters per minute, is one of the most popular regulators.

The most important parameters are maximum flow rate, maximum pressure and number of outputs.

crack adjusting valve has an adjusting mechanism using a threaded wrist. It can be precisely adjusted according to the screw. The clutch lever can be used to cut off and connect the current.


regulator section is separate from the sprayer and is installed on the sprayer chassis. The main spray hose is connected from the pump outlet to the regulator inlet

The pressure valve to its brand (Yaghbasan) has a high quality in terms of technology and performance and the ratio has acceptable accuracy.

To view the system pressure and adjust it to the desired pressure, a pressure gauge or pressure gauge is installed on the pressure breaker valve to adjust the pressure.Let’s see

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