• Multi duplo regulator

Italian Bertolini regulator, regulator or regulator according to its output. Bertolini is one of the most famous in the history of mechanization in the world. Bertolini Company is a modern company with the aim of designing and developing diaphragm and piston pumps for various applications.

The multi duplo regulator is one of the most durable regulators used in tractor back sprayers. The above regulator, according to its brand, has a high quality in terms of technology and performance, and has acceptable accuracy.

One of the advantages of a separate pressure breaker is that it can be moved inside the tractor. From inside the tractor, he controlled the pressure for spraying, cutting and connecting the sprayer process.

The most important parameters are maximum flow rate, maximum pressure and number of outputs.

Bertolini regulator valve has a adjusting mechanism by threaded wrist. It can be adjusted precisely according to its screw. The clutch lever can be used to disconnect and connect the current.

The Bertolini regulator you see in the picture, with a flow rate of up to 150 liters per minute and a pressure tolerance of up to 50 bar as a pressure relief valve in the 100 pps pump, whose flow characteristics and pressure are generally lower than the maximum characteristics of the above valve.

To view the system pressure and adjust it to the desired pressure on the pressure relief valve, the pressure level is installed to observe the adjusted pressure.


When using the regulator, make sure the wrist is open before releasing the valve clutch. Golpa Sanat Iranian Golpa Sanat Iranian Company, with the Sharona brand, produces and supplies a variety of garden and agricultural sprayers,.

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