Piston pump 120 China


Piston pump 120 China

China 120 pump is one of the piston pumps used in tractor back sprayers, and has three pistons. Usually, these pumps are very suitable for spraying due to having a thousand-prong inlet shaft, direct installation of the pump steering, and pressure and flow rate, but do not forget that this pump has a high resistance to fluid due to the material used in the body and its parts. Are similar to agricultural pesticides.

The 120-sprayer pump has a rotation of 700 to 900 rpm to increase the fluid pressure up to 50 times, and at the same time it moves 103 to 116 liters per minute of fluid. This pump is installed directly on the PTO tractor. This causes the torque to normally reach 540 rpm.

120 China sprayer pump is mostly installed for spraying with more than two springs or on tractors with spraying booms that have a large number of sprayers. At the same time, it causes more fields than farms in less time.


Cylinder diameter of 120 Chinese piston pump is 38 mm and its number is 3. The transmission shaft is two (one thousand shafts and one thorn)

The 120 China pump has a one-inch duct on its body, to which we must install the suction path. Other ducts with a gas valve show the pump paths.

Due to the fact that this type of pump is very popular in our country, the supply of spare parts, repair and maintenance of these pumps is easy.

Important points before starting the pump:

Pour the standard and suitable oil of the 120 China pump into the oil chamber.

Read the manual before us


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