Piston pump 30 China

Chinese pumps that are very popular and widely used in our country today. Today it is very easy in terms of parts supply and repair. Pump 30 China is one of the quality Chinese pumps with a pressure of 20 to 35 bar and poison output (flow) to move 17 to 30 liters per minute of fluid. This type of pump has a rotation of 500 to 1000 rpm to be able to increase the fluid pressure and required flow.

China 30 pump due to the operation of outlets such as output pressure and flow rate. It has become one of the most widely used piston pumps.

These types of pumps are usually used on motorized sprayers such as Ferghoni sprayer, Zanbeh sprayer. For the operation of this pump, we must connect a motor to it as a drive. To be able to produce a minimum power of 3.5 – 5 hp. And to bring the motor cycle to the required pump cycle due to the high speed of the pump. We must reach the required length of the pump by calculating the ratio between the Foley motor and the Foley pump.

China 30 pump has three pistons with a diameter of 30. It uses high pressure liquid to pump.

Due to the fact that 30 Chinese pumps are very popular in our country, the supply of spare parts, maintenance and maintenance of these pumps is easy.

All pumps must have a regulator or pressure relief valve so that the pump fluid can be controlled by means of. 30 chin pump pressure relief valve. The pump is designed and installed on the body of the pump, which can be adjusted by means of a pressure control screw.

There are several inlet and outlet lines on the body of the pump. Koch has a clutch lever adjustment screw to adjust the pressure and disconnect and connect the system. During operation, you can use the barometer gauge installed on the pump body.

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