600 liter semi-hydraulic wing mounted sprayer



600 liter winged semi-hydraulic sprayer

Semi-hydraulic wing sprayer are the best type of sprayers in terms of uniformity in spraying the poison solution, completely covering the surface of the products and not damaging them.

  • 600 liter polyethylene poison tank, equipped with system wash tank and hand wash tank
  • Valved door
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Hydraulic stirrer crack
  • Poison tank water level indicator
  • The three-way valve of the poison tank is cracked
  • Sprayer wing length 16 meters and spray width 22 meters with 32 long base brass nozzles with anti-drip valve strainer and 2 nozzles (xt024) nozzle increasing the spray spray length and wing length 19 meters and its spray width 26 meters has 38 nozzles Long base orange with anti-drip valve strainer and 2 nozzles (xt024) to increase the length of the poison spray
  • The hoses used in the mane are threaded hoses with a diameter of 10 mm and 5 layers.
  • The type of poison pipe is polyethylene with brass connections for installing poison hoses.
  • Has a control valve with 5 outlets for separate hose to each part of the wing and connecting the lance to the sprayer
  • Fill system crack
  • Valve filter 160 cracks
  • 80 cm high speed steering wheel with forged yokes and high resistance
  • Four brass cracker filters equipped with drain valve at the poison inlet to the wings
  • Collect the hose roller
  • Equipped with wing balance system and suspension system
  • Adjust the wing height from the product surface hydraulically up to 120 cm


Semi-hydraulic wing sprayer chassis

  • High-strength chassis, standard rider and equipped with automatic lock for easy and safe connection of the sprayer to all types of tractors and automatic regulator valve handles
  • Chassis parts completely composed of bent and cut sheets with thicknesses of 5, 8 and 12 mm
  • The hoses used in the chassis are high pressure hoses with a layer of steel wire.
  • Chassis with steel wheels for easy movement of the device and hose pulley, and a 5-layer hose ring and a lance branch
  • The wings and chassis are covered with six coats of epoxy primer and six coats of metallic car paint with a pencil tip.
  • Ability to install 96 cracks diaphragm pump with 50 bar pressure and flow of 88 liters per minute.
  • Bertolini poly 2150 diaphragm pump from Italy with 15 bar pressure and flow of 150 liters per minute.
  • Bertolini pps100 diaphragm pump from Italy with a pressure of 40 bar and a flow rate of 95 liters per minute.

Additional information


16 m, 19 m

At least 96 pumps, Bertoluni pps100 Italy


1550 mm

3150 mm

2200 mm

has it

has it


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