trailed sprayer field turbine fan 450 mm 1000 and 2000 liter




Field turbine sprayer

Turboliner sprayer fan 450 is very efficient and useful for spraying farms and tall trees and the best type of sprayer in terms of spraying length

  • Polyethylene poison tank with capacities of 1000 and 2000 liters
  • Equipped with system wash tank and hand wash
  • Valved door
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Hydraulic stirrer crack
  • Poison tank water level indicator
  • Leaving the tee
  • Double centrifugal fan with a diameter of 450 mm
  • Adjusting the direction of spraying the poison completely hydraulically with the help of a fan head with the ability to adjust the 90 degree angle in the vertical direction by the jack
  • Rotation of 180 degree angle in horizontal direction by hydraulic motor
  • The turbine assembly is placed at a 60-degree angle with the help of a jack for a stronger spray of poison
  • Has a spray terminal to uniformly distribute the toxin to each nozzle and, consequently, the toxin out of the nozzle equally.
  • Useful spray length 40 meters with 450 mm fan
  • All fan parts consist of bent sheets and laser cut with thicknesses of 2, 3 and 5 mm.
  • It has a large two-speed gearbox that increases the Italian fan speed.
  • It has 10 Italian nozzles, two-headed and anti-drip brass with fully powdered and uniform spray of poison solution.
  • Complete coverage of the poison from the foot of the sprayer to the end of its range.
  • All hoses used in chassis and fan are high pressure hoses with a layer of steel wire.

Turboliner sprayer fan 450 chassis

  • Traction chassis with standard two-point connection for easy connection to the tractor and proper controllability following the tractor and single-point connection.
  • Chassis parts consist of fabric studs 8 × 140 mm
  • Other parts are laser cut with thicknesses of 5, 8, 12 and 20 mm.
  • The chassis has a spring with wheels to adjust the vertical height up to 18 cm in 3 modes and adjust the horizontal distance between the wheels in 5 modes.
  • Sliding and adjustable bearing
  • Has a pair of flat tires
  • A pair of truck fenders to prevent mud from splashing into the device.
  • Has a crack filling system
  • Valve filter 220 cracks
  • Ward guard left parasite
  • Two cracked brass shaft filters equipped with drain valve
  • The fan and chassis body is covered with six layers of epoxy primer and six layers of metallic car paint with a pencil tip.
  • Ability to install Bertolini pps100 Italy with a pressure of 40 bar and a flow rate of 95 liters per minute
  • Italian Comet 121 pump with 50 bar pressure and flow rate of 114 liters per minute
  • Comet 145 Italy diaphragm pump with 50 bar pressure and flow rate of 142 liters per minute.

Additional information

Comet 145 Italian pump, Italy's Kemt 121 pump

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1000, 2000