mounted mechanical winged sprayer 200liter




Mechanical wing sprayer

200liter wing mechanical for tractor sprayer, useful for uniform spraying of products and economical

Mechanical wing sprayer for tractor

  • Capacity of 200 liters in 2-storey tanks
  • Standard chassis for easy and safe connection of the sprayer to all types of tractors
  • The chassis parts consist of 2 mm profiles and 5 mm thick corners, bent sheets and laser cut with 3, 5 and 8 mm thickness
  • It has a control valve with 3 outlets for separate hose and connecting the lance to the sprayer
  • Ability to adjust the mechanical height
  • It has a spool for collecting hose, hose, lance and filling of crack system and filter with 120 valves, crack and steering
  • Sprayer chassis 200 liter winged chassis for easy movement of the device
  • The chassis is coated with three coats of epoxy primer and three coats of automotive metallic paint
  • Ability to install Bertolini 530 Italy pump with 40 bar pressure and flow of 50.5 liters per minute
  • Diaphragm pump 71 cracks with a pressure of 50 bar and a flow rate of 67.2 liters per minute
  • 45-piston pump with 45 bar pressure and flow rate of 20 to 36 liters per minute

Golpa Sanat Iranian co

Golpa Sanat Iranian Company, with an expert view, offers a variety of suitable and specialized sprayers, spare parts and applications according to the unique characteristics of different agricultural areas, and by using experienced specialists familiar with the latest industrial products, And the supplier of spare parts for sprayers and standard parts has provided the best options to farmers and esteemed applicants. shauna is the supplier of the best sprayers for mountainous areas, which is one of the leading brands of high quality and has taken an important step towards meeting the needs of farmers and producers. You can now contact us through the contact numbers on the site and register your order.

Additional information

Bertoloni 530 Italy, Comet 71 Italian pump, Piston 45 China pump


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