400and 600 liter mechanical winged sprayer




Mechanical wing sprayer

winged spraye (mechanical) Useful sprayers for uniform and economical spraying of products

  • Capacity 400 and 600 liters in two-storey tanks
  • Standard chassis for easy connection to tractors
  • The chassis parts consist of 2 mm profiles and bent sheets and laser cut with thickness of 3, 5 and 8 mm.
  • It has a 10-meter book wing with 20 brass nut nozzles and a 12-meter wing with 24 brass nut nozzles, stainless steel cone sprayer
  • Has a control valve with 3 outlets for separate hose and connection of the lance to the sprayer
  • Ability to adjust the wing height from the product surface mechanically
  • With hose, lance
  • Assemble hose reel (at buyer’s request)
  • Fill system crack
  • Valve filter 120 cracks
  • Gardan
  • Chassis with plastic wheels for easy movement of the device
  • The wings and chassis are covered with six coats of epoxy primer and six coats of red epoxy paint.


 winged spraye Ability to install pumps:

  • Piston pump 120 China with pressure 10 50 bar pressure and flow 103 116 liters per minute
  • Diaphragm pump 71 cracks with 50 bar pressure and flow rate of 67.2 liters per minute
  • Bertolini 530 Italy diaphragm pump with 40 bar pressure and 50.5 liters per minute

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Additional information

400, 600

10m, 12m

1350 MM





Bertoloni 530 Italy, Comet 71 Italian pump, Piston 120 China pump


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